Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sweetheart Come be frogged

Ok, so its just too big. A little bit big I can manage, but this? Its one of those "tuck your knees in your sweater" sweaters.
Here's what I figured out... Ok, so strrrrretch your swatch. If its really stretchy, then there's gonna be an issue with the sizing. Turns out this particular fabric stretches almost DOUBLE. Negative ease. There. I said it. Thats what I now have to learn to comprehend. My girlfriend says its body image, and my knitting "style".

So. Rip it. Rip it. Take it to the Frog and Rip it.

Ok, Im keeping the cable part on the front and back, and the sleeves (which are fine). Im just re-doing the body.

And I was so proud it was finished!

Slippery People

Felted clogs. They just boggle, don't they? I knit part of them at lunch... co-workers comments "Who are those for? A clown?" and yet, after they are shrunk to their proper size, the same co-worker says "Oh, I get it now! Cool!"

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Let me call you Sweetheart

Another project off the back burner... its nearly impossible to take a picture of dark grey anything, not to mention my shaky hands! I have yet to finish 3" on the bottom front, and the entire back. I think it looks cute with the tie. I wanted lots of room at the bust so I forced extra stitches in at the edge of the cable. Im hoping the ripples can be blocked out, steam maybe?